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Prepared Meals Schedule

Orders can be made between Tuesday 10:00am and Monday 3:00pm
Select a pickup location where your meal will be delivered.
Pickup your order after the delivery time for your location.

Delivery and Pickup Times and Places

  • Arrange for Delivery or Pickup - after 11:00am TUESDAY.
  • Farmers Market Pavilion, Spruce St. - TUESDAY at 6.00 pm.
  • Mouser Strength Training 317 Butlerr Dr. - after 11:00am WEDNESDAY
Delivery Fee is $3.00.


The menu varies from week to week and may have fewer options on occasion.
Meals are not available during Christmas and Easter weeks.

Prices & Discounts

Prices for Entrees range from $10.75 to $15.00
Prices for Sides range from $5.00 to $10.00
Receive discounts on Sauces and boxes/packs of Energy Supplements

Member Meals

Light Gluten Free Entrées

  • Price: $12.50
    beef patty mixed with onions, peppers, celery and gluten free bread crumbs baked then topped with pasta shells stuffed with broccoli

    Calories: 431, Fat: 15, Carbs: 15, Protein: 19

  • Price: $11.00
    smoked pork sausage mixed with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cabbage, mushroom, onions and peppers seasoned with turmeric and ginger

    Calories: 355 Fat: 12 Carbs:16 Protein: 26

  • Price: $10.50
    Egg whites mixed with ham, avocado, parsley, onion, pepper, spinach and fetta cheese then baked with a side of roasted potato

    Calories: 382, Fat: 16, Carbs: 12, Protein: 28

  • Price: $11.50
    pulled roasted chicken in a capper diced tomato sauce with black olives, onions and peppers

    Calories: 339, Fat: 4, Carbs:2, Protein: 29

  • Price: $12.00
    Medium spicey italian sausage roasted and sliced baked with ground turkey, onions, peppers, mushrooms, zucchinni and roasted red potatoesCalories: 362, Fat: 12, Carbs:11 Protein:19

  • Price: $12.50
    Duck meat and ground pork mixed in to a patty then pan roasted topped on a bead of rice mixed with string beans and brussel sprouts finished with a rootbeer bbq

    Calories: 386, Fat: 15, Carbs: 22, Protein:18

  • Price: $14.75
    Bacon wrapped shrimp (5) over a ground buffalo meatloaf patty (mixed with onions, pepers and celery) with a side of green beans, asparagus and zucchini finished with a orange, lemmon and fresh herbs

    Calories: 392 Fat: 17, Carbs: 9 Protein: 26

  • Family Meals

  • Price: $44.00
    Mashed potatoes baked with sour cream, bacon bits, sharp cheese and peas topped with roasted chicken and cheese (feeds 5)

    Calories: 412 Fat: 15, Carbs: 18,Protein: 16

  • Price: $49.00
    cheese totellinni baked with diced breaded chicken, zucchini, mushrooms and mozzarella then slowly baked in tomato sauce (feeds 5)

    Calories: 382 Fat: 18, Carbs: 16,Protein: 22

  • Sides

  • Price: $5.50

    mixed greens topped with a cheese blend, mushrooms, cabbage, peppers, ceiery and a side of Russian dressing

    Calories: 145, Fat: 6, Carbs: 3, Protein: 8

  • Price: $10.50

    12 chicken wingsbaked with spicey bbq

    Calories: 150, Fat: 1, Carbs: 0 protein: 15

  • Price: $9.00

    pasta filled with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies in a onion, garlic butter sauce

    Calories: 182, Fat: 1, Carbs: 25, protein: 15

  • Price: $10.00

    In a 9" pie pan Strawberries and apples baked with granola topping sweetened with honey and maple

    Calories: 245, Fat: 4, Carbs: 50, Protein: 6

  • Sandwiches & Take and Bake Pizzas

  • Price: $8.00
    Home made kiaser roll stuffed with ham, swiss, pepper jack and american cheese, tomatoes, red onions, spinach, banana peppers, jalopenos, butter pickels and honey mustard dressing

    Calories: 545, Fat: 22, Carbs: 42, Protein: 40

  • Price: $8.00

    9" uncooked deep dish cheese pizza (take lid off and bake at 375* 15-20 minutes)

    Calories: 470, Fat: 14, Carbs: 62, Protein: 22

  • Price: $8.00

    9" uncooked deep dish pizza add toppings below (take lid off and bake at 375* 15-20 minutes)

    Calories: 470, Fat: 14, Carbs: 62, Protein: 22

    Pepperoni; Calories: 50, Fat: 4, Carbs: 0, Protein: 2
    All other add ons: Calories: 25, Fat: 0, Carbs: 5, Proteins: 1